Still tired, but the afternoon is ahead of me.

Church was good this morning – nice to be back and see lots of familiar faces. It was quite busy (c.500) people and The Vicar was talking on ‘Pleasing God’, taking Malachi 1:6-14 amongst other passages. (See also

In Aviva Square outside there was some filming going on (I think!) – quite odd. Corrugated tin sheets had been put up along one side of the tower and defaced with graffiti and there were lots of police officers around. That said, I’m not entirely sure that they were real police officers – their hats looked a bit odd. There was also a small ‘rickshaw’ noodle stand on the side of the road. Really quite peculiar.
Was very tired after church so came home to sit on the sofa and have some nice lunch.

A nice quiet Sunday afternoon is in order I think: phone calls, TV, ironing, reading etc.

* Mood:tired
* Music:None