Weekend again!

Went round to the Post Office to pick up my parcel from Amazon. I find it a bit annoying that when you ask for ‘First Class Mail’ delivery, rather than supersaver delivery, they will send via Parcelforce, as Parcelforce depots are always far far away from where I live. That said, the Post Office neglected to charge me the collection fee, so I shouldn’t complain too much.
I did however, have to pay £1.21 to pick up an item of post which did not have any stamps on. This turned out to be a glossy leaflet from Oona King which I shall file away with my political manifestos.
My MP has been using his time very wisely on Channel 4 by pretending to be a cat with Rula Lenska. Am incredibly glad to see that my tax is being spent well here.
Then, down to the Wharf to get my hair cut – very nice as they throw in a head massage as well which I appreciated after a long week.
Then watched King Kong – good film but 3.5 hours long! Good cinematography, visibly Peter Jackson and good performances all round. Not sure if it will be in consideration for the Oscars though – lots of good films out at the moment. It was nice just to turn up and see what was on.