15 Jan 2006

Books read this weekend:

Body Double – Tess Gerritsen.
Not bad. I find this type of novel good for a bit of escapism (and at £3.73 from Tesco, cheap!).

Films seen this weekend:

Shall We Dance – 7/10 – surprisingly enjoyable for a Jennifer Lopez film, and very nice to see a Hollywood film that doesn’t end in a man leaving his wife when he’s unhappy with his marriage.

King Kong – 8/10 – see yesterday’s post. Would have been 8.5, but 0.5 removed for excessive duration.

She’s the One – 5/10 – too much navel-gazing about relationships. Also thought that it was slightly forced in that no-one even suspects that Franny was having an affair when he stops sleeping with his wife (is he gay? could he be ill?). Interesting to see both Cameron Diaz and Rachel Aniston playing against type though.