Long day over

Got the Sims from Ebay yesterday at work and spent 2.5 hours playing last night. Think that this could easily become an addiction (took me so long to work out how to make my Sim less depressed).

Up early today, and to Waterlook to meet friends from work to go and play netball in Southampton. Airport was literally next door to the station, and the university sports centre only a few minutes walk from the station so all very handy. Had lots of fun running around outside (I even played Goal Defence!) but we were taking the games much less seriously than all the lacrosse / hockey games going on around us. Then retired to the bar for ludicrously cheap drinks and pie and chips. Got back to Waterloo about 6pm, very tired (and hungry again) and had a nice chicken, ham and leek pie from the new pie shop in the station.

Just had enough time to put my feet up and then my friend came by to take me round to dinner at another friend’s house where I was sleepy at first, but picked up later on. Fruit and icecream for dinner – very nice end to the day, but watching what I eat definitely not been at the forefront of my mind today.