Ooh, it’s like ice!

Last night I went ice-skating with friends from work at Somerset House. Won the award for grim determination and ongoing courage as I screamed my way very slowly around the rink. First words on getting onto the ice – ‘gosh it’s slippy, it’s just like ice!’. A few tips from a colleague later and I was slowly moving round the sides. Then another colleague (who had clearly done this before and was only showing off a tiny bit) led me gently round. Then another one did. And then I went round with two people and was able to do a little bit of skating with both feet (rather than pushing off with the same foot all the way around). Got a bit fast though. Retreated to the safety of the side. By the time I came off, I wanted to stay on, so that was good. Didn’t fall over though, so still a bit scared of that.