Househunting and LOTR

Called the estate agents about the nice flat. They didn’t call me back until I chased them. Friendly estate agent tried to persuade me to look at a flat about a mile from the station – not a good idea (but for some reason I said I would go and have a look – don’t know the area that well).
Nice lady from Orange phoned me to say that I could have an upgrade early – hurrah!. Now will have phone in time to go to Salford when I go to see sister so I can give her my old ones.
Came home to find housemate watching LOTR. Forgot how I heckle and quote the lines. Boromir’s horn in the film is useless – it should be like the goblin horn in Knightmare – that was properly scary
Put a few things on Amazon last night and they have sold like hotcakes, so I need to go and package them up.