Useful things from the papers

Having a bit of a sort out today and found some useful clippings. In the name of recycling, I’m going to get rid of the paper copy and note the useful information here!

So …. How many calories do I need a day (taken from the Guardian a while back)L

For ladieS:

[10 x weight in kg] + {6.25 x height in cm] – [5 x age in years] – 161.

Then, multiply by the ‘activity factor’

Scale of activity:
– Just walking to and from the car – multiply by 1.2
– 30 minute stroll or brisk walk one to three days a week – lightly active – 1.4
– Moderately active if 30 minute brisk walk three or more days a week and a non desk job – 1.6
– 30 minutes of exercise such as running three to five days a week and have an active job – 1.7

Result is number of calories needed daily to stay at your week.

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