Weekend update

This week:
– survey came back on the flat – all pretty much OK, so that is good.
– Fri evening/Sat am – slept until 11am, had the most bizarre dream in quite some time – highlights included intra-dimensional travel facilitated by small children, which put my back out (that would be the trains making my bed shudder a bit I think), then organising a Civil Partnership ceremony for a friend, inviting the entire church congregation to attend and having a gospel choir singing at it, then I was on a high street on water, and 30 feet down, there was a man in a lady’s swimming costume, with a turban, sunbathing, and a lady jumping off that ridge (below the surface) to dive further down. So, I had to retire to the caravan to drink gin with Peter O’Toole (except I couldn’t remember his name, and could only remember that he was the man who played the King of Troy in Troy – which is quite embarrassing).
– Sat pm – friends over for lovely food – chicken pancetta, lemon roast new potatoes (in their skins), roast peppers, chilli parmesan courgettes, halloumi couscous salad with roast peppers, stir-fried red onion and mangetout, and parmesan and sundried tomato bread rolls. Followed by: strawberries and raspberries steeped in a lemongrass syrup and an obscene amount of chocolate ice cream – Phish Food and Green and Black’s Chocolate Orange….
– Sun am – church
– Sun pm – continuing the washing up!