Grr … House delays

After chasing the mortgage lender twice this week, I have finally clarified that they want the additional enquiries recommended by the environmental survey (which I got about a month ago) carried out before making the mortgage offer. Checking the environmental survey report, this can take up to 15-20 working days, depending on the speed of the local authority’s response (and costs an extra £300!). Slightly annoyed that I didn’t get the additional checks done when I received the report, but then the conveyancer said that they had never had to do them before. I’m still not particularly concerned – it’s a modern development, and hopefully the additional enquiries will resolve the question marks outstanding, if not until the end of June (or if earlier, why I am still in Tunisia!)Hopefully should still then be on course to move at end of July (will need to be out of flat by early August). My vendor has now found somewhere, a couple of weeks ago, although his vendors are ‘out looking at houses this weekend’. Hopefully they will find something chain-free and then the chain can be complete.