Busy holidays … Thursday

Bed at 1am (why do I stay up to watch Apprentice USA?) then woke up at 9am, so perhaps sleep pattern is getting back to normal. Filled car up with petrol – running *so* much better now. Then off to Beckton to have a look at the retail park – discount Next a bit sparse, but discount Boots great – lots of stuff purchased. Then off to the Swedish ppl at Lakeside. Had a bit of a potter round Lakeside itself and got some lunch. Can see how it is useful to have all under one roof, but must be awful on at weekend – was bad enough at Thursday lunchtime. Managed to spend £120 in Ikea, but £100 of that was vouchers, so pretty well judged. I now have bedding for the spare room, some bins, some frames for various pictures and batiks that need to go up, and a small Billy bookcase and extension that will hopefully work as a TV unit in the spare room. Then back to Clarks to buy some shoes (they really are the best) and then Sainsburys for some photos so that I can join the leisure centre tomorrow.
SLOB this evening so some prep to do on studies 3 and 4 (Rev 2:8-28).