Sunday 17 December … brilliant weekend part II

After excessive amounts of food over the last three days, just a nice yoghurt for breakfast this morning. JT didn’t turn up so went to carol service by myself. Decided to sing with the descant choir up by the organ which was quite nice, but did mean that I couldn’t hear myself sing. Also, the pews v.narrow, had to sing shifting weight from foot to foot – not ideal.

Then a nice mingle after the service, a useful conversation and then driving back to the office to look at Housing Benefits (joy!). Then, drove back in time for the evening service which was really enjoyable. I may start going again when the time comes forward to 6pm in the New Year. Saw lots of old faces. Friends from college were there as well which was nice. More mingling, some mulled wine, and a trip to the pub. Drove home at 10pm still with plenty of time to potter before bed. Had forgotten how singing the descants makes me slightly light-headed…
A lovely day.