The year so far

Here is a list of everything I have read and watched (from Christmas Eve, 2006 onwards)
1. Encouragement and the Words of God
2. Prayer and the Voice of God
3. Hearing God’s Words – Peter Adam
4. Never Say Die – Tess Gerritsen (quite good – not like her usual gory thrillers)
5. Crusader Gold – David Gibbins (7 Jan) – got a bit lost in this one. A Da Vinci-esque race round the world to find the menorah from the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem, together with some former Nazis, the Mayans etc. – all got a bit confusing. Skim read to the end just to get through it.
6. Blaikie’s Book of Modern Manners (2 Feb) – amusing. Has it really taken me 3 weeks to finish reading another book?
7. The Fifth Horseman – James Patterson – predictably OK.
Seem to have fallen off the tracks with my reading. Started too many things at once. Time to go again…. I have read “The Afghan” by the ridiculously right-wing (even by my standards) Frederick Forsyth… when I was at home visiting Dad.
8. The Book of Common Prayer – (20 March) – how wonderful a book!
9. Bad Luck and Trouble – Lee Child (29 March) – I love the Reacher series.
10. The Oath of Canonical Obedience – Gerald Bray (5 April). Slightly complicated section, relatively clear arguments – Good!

1. Amy Winehouse – Back to Black (catchy, but needs a bit of soap and water. She’s an angry young lady)
2. Lily Allen – Alright, Still – another slightly rude young lady, but with a real talent for catchy, witty lyrics.
3. Gnarls Barkley – St.Elsewhere – this one is going to grow on me….
4. Take That – A Beautiful World – can’t believe I actually like Take That, but I did like Patience.

1. Lord of War (DVD) – better than I thought that it would be – very interesting journey 4/5
2. The Producers (DVD – original version with Gene Wilder) – a bit weird, and Hitler is not funny = 2/5
3. Cinderella Man (DVD) – excellent film – 5/5.
4. Munich (DVD) – another excellent film – 5/5.
5. Last King of Scotland – excellent, disturbing, bravura performances – 5/5
6. Transporter 2 (DVD) – actually quite entertaining. Some good martial arts sequences 3.5/5
7. S.O.A.P (DVD) – there are snakes! on a plane! –! 4/5
8. Nacho Libre (DVD) – disappointingly poor – I didn’t watch to the end. 1/5
9. Confetti (DVD) – OK, quite funny in parts – 3/5
10. Thank You for Smoking – (DVD) – OK 3/5.
11. Hot Fuzz (Cinema) – one of my favourite films of all time – 11/5!
I’ve probably missed a few out now, but…
12. Stormbreaker (DVD) – not bad, 3/5.
13. Superman Returns (DVD) – half-watched this, looked quite good, but a bit predictable if you’ve seen any other comic book film…. 3/5