Midnight Mass was nice. Parish church seems to have gone a bit High Church while I’ve been away – responses now seem to be sung, rather than said, which is a bit disconcerting for the unprepared. Sermon key point was “Jesus really was real – it’s not a fairy story. Therefore let us all wonder like children at the Nativity scene”. Good, and a cause for much thanks to the Lord, but could have said more I think. Church was quite busy.
TractorBoy is ‘very impressed’ (unquote) with his new feeder/tractor etc.. I can take no responsibility/credit for his vocabulary as I am home so infrequently (but am secretly very pleased). Obviously, just a family trait to pick up big new words. I am the happy recipient of Fawlty Towers on DVD. BonnyGirl is too small (2 mths) to notice really, and is happily gurgling away in the corner. Off to GC’s shortly for excessive amounts of food.
Excessive amounts of food now consumed, sprog wildly over-excited by his responsibilities as ‘postman’ delivering presents to all those in the room. Got some nice Lakeland dishes and a colander from GC, a garlic crusher and a necklace from Aunty P, some nice socks and a travel clothes kit from Aunty J, and a nice calendar with Bible verses from Great Aunty G. Mini-sprog sleeping throughout most of the afternoon, which was good for our eardrums. Aunty J has a new puppy called Molly, who (at 11.5 weeks) is about the same age as BonnyGirl. Quite cute. TractorBoy insists that he doesn’t eat meat (amusing), so I slipped him some stuffing with sausagemeat in it, which he didn’t notice, and quite enjoyed (hee hee!). I had forgotten that the last time I was home I drove him around in the Boy Racer playing my ‘Raised to Rock’ CD quite loud. This leading to his demands for playing the Bam Bam song this time (i.e. Black Betty …. whoah Black Betty, bam-a-lam etc.etc.). I’ve moved him onto the Final Countdown now, which is also quite amusing.
Off to H’s grans now for more food and more presents for TractorBoy…
Back at 8.30pm to collapse on sofa in front of Strictly Come Dancing and the Christmas Vicar of Dibley.