Boxing Day

Time to catch up with some reading today. I have now finished ‘Prayer and the Voice of God’ by Jensen and Payne – v.good, and worth re-reading. I’m seldom able to name my ‘Top Ten Books’ when asked, but this might go into such a list. Not a heavy book, but well structured, thoughtful and thought-provoking. I have now moved onto ‘Holiness’ by J.C. Ryle (excellent – another Top Ten nomination I think), and ‘Biblical Spirituality’ by Peter Adam (a harder read – the Kincaid-Fog thingummy index is probably higher). The latter looks as if it will have some very useful points, but will take a while to get into.
TractorBoy is still running around saying ‘more presents Mummy, more presents’ and generally being hyperactive. BonnyGirl still gurgling away full of cold.The Boy has been out on the farm (although neither he nor Dad were able to find a shotgun and pellets when H found a cat that had been hit by a car – probably a good idea as H’s mum pointed out it was probably illegal to shoot a cat that isn’t actually your own, although Dad pointed out it would save the owners £50 getting the cat put down at the vets – not sure that they would see it that way).
H’s family around – Mum, Dad, Uncle Kipper, and Grandma. More food. Nice chocolate log and quiche made with eggs from the chickens at the end of the garden. Feeble says it is nice, but very quiet having Christmas Up North. She is working tomorrow and Weds and will be down on 29th.
To GWs later.
Back from the W clan (rather than GWs) – lots of people there – Duncan and Kat, Simon (with beard), the W clan (plus Charlie), Aunty S’s parents, GW, The Boy brought his girlfriend Fluff, Dad, H, me, TractorBoy, BonnyGirl. Aunty M, Uncle P. Lots of food, including more pigs in blankets, liver in bacon (didn’t try that), some couscous (K is vegetarian). TractorBoy v.shy initially, then warmed up once he got into the swing of being the postman again. Got slow cooker from GW, bath things from the W clan, spa bath things and a Gloucester rugby mug from Aunty M and Uncle P (hurrah – v.impressed with mug – has old logo on it). TractorBoy got a fleece with a John Deere on, so he was happy. Impressed everyone with his rendition of
I can’t read, I can’t write, but that don’t really matter, for I do come from Gloucestershire and I can drive a MASSEY FERGUSON TRACTOR/JOHN DEERE TRACTOR etc (the last element entirely unprompted).
I now need to teach him Gloucestershire born and Gloucestershire bred, strong in the arm and thick in the ‘ead (which will be very entertaining). His ‘Glawster, Glawster’ and ‘come on Sinbad’ singing is also going well, although ‘you don’t know what you’re doing’ comes out as ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ which is also quite sweet…