New Year’s Eve (or Christmas Day mk II)

Because Feeble was demanding pigs in blankets when she came down to Glos, GC whipped up another round of Christmas Day dinner (just with chicken, rather than turkey) – so, we have just come back from C—ley having enjoyed:
– roast chicken
– sausagemeat stuffing
– pigs in blankets
– roast potatoes
– carrots
– peas
– broccoli
– roast onions and roast peppers
– bread sauce
– nice Granny gravy
– rhubarb crumble
– raspberry pavlova.

TractorBoy fell asleep on Age-ee-un in the front room, his cheeks getting slowly redder and redder (perhaps he was too close to the fire) and we all sat getting nicely toasty (apart from Granny who was making herself busy out in the kitchen.

I have found an interesting holiday company Explore – I could go to India to see tigers! That would be fun!

The Boy is off to Fluff’s for NYE this evening – we hope to see him some time tomorrow.