How much longer

Lovely being back at church today. David Jackman preaching on Luke 11:1-13. Sermon outline as below:

Understanding Jesus/More Generous Than we Imagine: Luke 11 1-13

1. Two Priorities in Prayer (v1-4)
a) Our concern for God (v2)
b) God’s concern for us (v3-4)

2. Two Encouragments to pray (v5-13)
a) A friend who responds to our need (v5-8)
b) A father who gives to his children (v9-13)

Conclusion “how much more….!” v13.

Lovely to see lots of friends as well. However, still full of the lurgy. Very, very annoying. Was shattered by 1/2pm, and had to come back and sit on the sofa. I need to go back to work tomorrow, must just pray that I will get much better.

Watched Cinderella Man on DVD -the story of James J Braddock, Depression Era boxer who came back from nowhere to become world heavyweight champion. Russell Crowe in the lead role. I really really enjoyed this – a well crafted film (Ron Howard), well acted.