Proper Winter, mind

This morning it was like a proper winter, mind. It probably didn’t help that I left the house without scarf or gloves, but then, I was intending to wait only 3 mins for the bus (I’ve got the morning journey nicely timed now). However, as I was foolishly trying to catch a bus at half eight, it decided to sail right past me without stopping (please TfL – more buses in rush hour!), and I had to wait 20 mins for another one. I was very cold indeed.

Up to Genesis 26 (I’m moving about a bit from 1 chapter from 4 different books a day – a little bit too choppy – so today, 4 chapters from Genesis instead) – interesting to note that Esau was making life bitter for Isaac and Rebekah before Isaac blessed Jacob in Esau’s place vv.34-35. That is, unless this bit isn’t chronological (should be able to work this out by looking at how old Isaac is when he dies, how old he was when Esau was born, and noting that Esau was forty when he married.)

Left work at 19.45.