Friday… home

Dad had more chest pains last night so got ‘blue-lighted’ (the nee-nors) down to Bristol Royal Infirmiary so that they could do the angioplasty (that they were going to do in Cheltenham today) earlier.

I got home at about 4pm (after quick trip to work to pick up laptop ‘just in case’, visit via A’s to drop off Marriage of Figaro tickets and then a winding journey through London – Knightsbridge and the A4) and discovered that he is coming back to Gloucester this evening so we (H, Feeble and Drain, me, the Boy) are about to go in and visit.

Dad still fussing about the accounts etc. I think. TractorBoy oblivious – but then he doesn’t really see Dad during the day as he’s usually on the farm. BonnyGirl has grown lots since Christmas. Still not a cuddly child.

Other news
Bailey got hit by something on the road (flattened), so is no more.
Archie has got quite fat – doesn’t look like a blond greyhound any more.
Whisky still old and incontinent. One of the hens laid an almost perfect spherical egg.
The Boy”s exam went OK – had a good mechanical qn at the end of his Physics paper which he liked because he knows all that from Further Maths, and everyone else struggled with because mech was ages ago in Physics.

When TractorBoy is asked where Bailey is, he says “God” … which hopefully means he now sees God as not scary just because you can’t see Him (at Christmas he decided God was horrible… rather like the monsters and tigers which scare him/stop him from doing what Mummy has asked him to do…..)