A Day In The Life Of A Greenfly

An example of my literary genius (found amongst my primary school books). I haven’t dated it, but i would think that I was probably about 9 as the handwriting is quite neat. I suspect that I had just been taught about similes, and encouraged to make my writing more descriptive…. I was a cheery child by the looks of it…

A Day In The Life Of A Greenfly
I was peacefully eating a raspberry plant when some thing (sic) fluttered down beside me. It was scarlet red like the horizon and black patches on it, as black as a velvet black night. I started moving stealthily towards a leaf …… Luckily it didn’t follow me. I flew off to a wood and settled into one of the trees. I bit a leaf off and quickly spat it out, for it was very sour.

I resumed my flight and found another raspberry patch…. the red and black creature had returned. This time he followed me and caught me. I struggled with all my strength. Luckily this was a tiny monster and I put my mouth parts in to (sic) use and sank them into his belly, the beast promptly rolled over. I was about to fly off when unexplainable pain grasped 1 of my legs.

I looked down and saw that half of that leg had disappeared…. I tried to take off… I couldn’t … I decided that all greenflys (sic) have to die some time so I rolled over and waited to be devoured. I started looking around me, but there was not a monster in sight. This time I truly wished that there was! Soon an enormous monster came flying towards me… but it flew straight past me. An ant came crawling up the leaf and started eating my leg, then I knew the end was near.

My final wish came true, the monster returned, within five minutes I was put out of my misery.