Sunday chores

Things that look as if they might be interesting to go and see:

Pinter’s people – with Bill Bailey – etc. – limited run
The Entertainer at the Old Vic with Robert Lindsay and Pam Ferris. When I read Pam Ferris I always think of Pam Ayres, although clearly they are not one and the same.
Whipping It up @ the New Ambassadors looks as if it might be fun – the IoS describes as “Looks like the next Yes Minister”.

Films that look good:
Bobby – although perhaps on DVD rather than at the cinema. Sunday Times gives it 2 stars though
The Fountain – I think that Empire quite liked this, ST gives it a 2, but looks intersting.
Hot Fuzz is out in three weeks, which looks like v.good fun indeed. I very much enjoyed Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz is set in the West Country, so is obviously going to be great.