Springtime… in February?

The newspapers recently reported that it was the warmest January since 1916. Since moving to London I’ve rarely ‘felt’ the winter properly (unlike in Gloucestershire), so not really in a position to judge. However, today – frost on the top of the car when I woke up, but now there is really warm sunshine outside. Odd.
Finished book on modern manners – I do like etiquette books.
Household jobs, then over to SW9 to watch the rugby. Some glimmers of hope in the England side, but not that exciting a game – lots of lucky tries (including Wilkinson’s where his leg clearly grounded before the ball) and penalties. I want running rugby!. Thought that Tindall had a reasonable game, Morgan a bit underused, and I was hoping to see Richards make it onto the pitch, but was disappointed. Brief entrance for Lawson for the Scots.