Gently amusing evening

Lots of snow today – about 2 inches thick on the ground, so first task of the day was to work out what I could wear to work which would allow me to wear my nice winter boots. Happily I found a patch of virgin snow on the route down the hill which I could tramp through (most snow slightly grey and slushy as earlier birds than me had been walking through them). Got into work OK, work pottered on OK. Out for dinner and theatre with T and V this evening. Took ages to get onto the Jubilee – staff (and British Transport Police) were stopping people going through the barriers to the train, let alone going onto the train. To Green Park, brisk walk to Pall Mall and Brasserie Roux which was lovely. I skipped starter, so felt less guilty about having chocolate truffle cake after the positively delicious pan-fried salmon with new potatoes and spinach. Mmmmm, so nice! I even had a couple of glasses of Chardonnay – not bad at all for about £20. Then round the corner to the Theatre Royal Haymarket to see Bill Bailey, Sally Phillips, Geraldine McNulty and Kevin Eldon in Pinter’s People. Oddly, the theatre was half empty, so we got bumped up from the Gallery to the Upper Circle. Gentle comedy, not too long – really quite amusing. I would quite like to read more Pinter I think.
Then home on the overland train.