This week I have mostly been…. walking to more far flung bus stops with an aim of getting a bus more easily. The bus stop at the bottom of my road is served by three buses, two of which go to the Tube. This bus comes every 15 mins, and often passes straight by (if I try and catch it around 8.30am). However, if I cut through the shopping park I can go to a stop served by two buses, both of which go to the Tube and come every 8 minutes. I’ve even done the 20 min walk to Sainsbury’s in the rain (5 buses, every 8 mins, so almost always one coming along).

As part of his ‘recovery plan’, Dad has been down to Exeter for some NFU thing. When he came back and got talking to the Vicar fo 45 minutes. This of course, was an ‘overexertion’ which brought on angina. So he scaled back his plans to go to a training course yesterday, but is still hopeful of going to Birmingham in a week or two for some other NFU thing……
No.Work.For.Three.Months …. it’s been less than three months….. oh dear.

BonnyGirl is being Christened on 3rd March (before she grows out of the Christening gown).

Went to Carluccio’s with KB and KM and bump last night – really lovely food (arancini de riso,pesce spada muddica and a v.nice chocolate meringue and raspberries, and a nice glass of pinot grigio).

Miss M. is down this weekend, so we are going over to J-D’s for dinner and then she will be staying at mine.

Going to pop to Sainbury’s in a minute – late night shopping preferable over weekend congestion..