Testing, testing

In two different senses

The Boy Racer has failed his little MoT test, because his exhaust is about to fall off ;-(, the brake pads and front tyres are also close to the legal limit ;-(. So I have to work out whether the exhaust is covered by the warranty or not (I don’t really speak ‘car’ very well… so need to speak to Dad later on).

Am also being harassed by debt collection company on behalf of British Gas who supplied electricity for about 2 months to ‘The-Flat-Which-Flooded’ (so now is vying with my first flat in London as being the worst place I have ever lived…. – actually – it probably wins hands down). After approx 3 hours on the phone to the company, BG and Npower I’ve established that Npower didn’t transfer over the supply when I asked them to. That is, the ‘National-Record-Keeping-System’ says that BG were supplying me with electricity throughout the entire period to August 2006. However, I was was paying Npower during this time. BG helpfully suggest that Npower could refund me and then I could pay BG. I pointed out that the reason that I switched from BG in the first place was that they were too expensive, so I was hardly likely to do that. Phoning Npower, their systems are all down today and will be until Monday, so I have left a message with a nice young lady. Hopefully things will be resolved soon (at least a ‘hold’ has been placed on the debt collection company).


Still – seeing Miss M. this evening which will be great fun.