Relationships – Deep and Meaningful

1 Corinthians 7:25-40

Purity and devotion to the Lord are key.
What are you devoted to?

We were made for marriage
Context of the whole Bible shows that we were made for marriage… with Christ. Earthly marriage is a mode cf. Ephesians 5:3. Revelation 19:6. 1 Cor 5+6 show that we are joined to Christ, spiritually united.
He is the perfect relationship for whom we have been made. Purpose of marriage is devotion to the Lord to whom you will ultimately be married.
Marriage to a non-Christian is a no-go – how can you be devoted to the Lord when in this relationship (e.g. impact on Christian giving?)

Application 1: Don’t be naive about marriage
Real pressures, real demands alongside real pleasure.
Note that due to the distress of the age in which we live, many will marry.
Paul is not anti-marriage. He is writing to a church whcih views marriage as inferior. Not ‘marry if you must’, saying marry, but don’t be naive.
No such thing as the perfect marriage.
Marriage does restrict ministry, but Paul is not anti-marriage.

Application 2: Don’t be super-spiritual about singleness