Back to Deepest Darkest….

“Yes, TractorBoy?”
“Can I have some choc-ut ‘cos I’ve been a good boy?”
“…..Yes TractorBoy….”
We seem to have established a new routine whereby Joe equates the going to the carwash with going to the cinema and needs some chocolate to enhance the experience. So, one trip to the garage, just to buy some batteries (for his new digital camera..), some chocolate, and a car wash.
Funny boy.
Have also discovered that God lives in the sky. It would appear that this means that He can’t hear what TractorBoy says if he is indoors… he a little put out/bewildered when I suggested that God had very big ears so He could definitely hear him if TractorBoy wanted to talk to Him. Not entirely sure what picture of God I am painting here…
We’ve also discovered that the mirror to go on the wall in the front room is bent in the middle, so less a stunning centrepiece than fairground attraction.
BonnyGirl is podgy and smiley (and still vomiting). Funny girl.
Glos have beaten Northampton 7-5 away … hmmmm. Not exactly a decisive victory, although we are seven points clear of the team in fourth place, and the gap between us, Bristol and Leicester has narrowed (although Brizz have a game in hand).
Monergism has been revamped – much clearer to navigate now which is quite exciting – found it quite difficult to navigate previously.