Teaching the Art of Chivalry

Wont as I am to try and impress good manners upon the young (and the middling, and old, whilst failing dismally myself….) – TractorBoy seemed receptive to a little instruction this weekend.
So, this is what we have learned:

D: Gentlemen should….
TB: open doors..
D: why?
TB: ‘cos it is po’ite (polite)
D: what else should they do?
TB: say peas and thankoo (please and thankyou)
D: and what should they pick up?
TB: tissues…*
D: and what is not dead Joe?
TB: Sivullree (Chivalry, obviously).

Somewhat distressed to know that his elder brother doesn’t know what chivalry is either (and at 17, somewhat harder to train) although he’s very polite already. Dad’s answer to why gentlemen should open doors is that ‘they’re not strong enough to do it themselves’. Hmph!

* TractorBoy doesn’t know what a handkerchief is