Fit of Apoplexy…

I should know better than to read an article featuring Jeffrey Archer, but it was lunchtime and I was flicking through the internet when I found the Times article describing Mr Archer’s recent collaboration with the Catholic Church on “The Gospel of Judas”.
Fits of apoplexy ensued as I read:

Although the idea that Jesus’s miracles did not happen and were pure invention have been common in academic circles for decades, for many of the faithful it will still come as a shock….. Turning water into wine at a wedding feast came “out of a profound desire to show that Jesus, like the God of Israel, is the messianic giver of all good things”. Walking on water and calming the seas stemmed from a desire to prove that Jesus had the same mastery over nature as the God of the Hebrew Bible.

Umm… perhaps the Bible records it because Jesus is the God of Israel?

Directed by a learned friend to Ruth Gledhill’s blog where the assertion that “Of course, as we reported two years ago, the Catholic Church no longer swears by the truth of the Bible in any case…. Nor does any respectable Biblical scholar as a matter of fact.” made my blood pressure soar even further as I stifled squeals of outrage, I was cheered substantially by some very sensible comments suggesting that perhaps the range of ‘respectable Biblical scholars’ consulted was a tad too narrow.