The Future Perfect (1) – Ezekiel 40, 43

Sermon notes

The Future Perfect (1)
Exekiel 40:1-4, 43:1-12
God dwells among His people
1. In His holiness
2. In His initiative
3. By His provision

43v10 – twice Ezekiel is told to describe the vision to the people of Israel.
Yr 25 of exile – half of a Jubilee (50) where all should be returned to the rightful owner. Suggests that @ some point in future land will be returned in future.
14th year 10th day – Passover.
Designed to remember God’s rescue of His people. Underlines potential of future rescue to people in exile.
43v27 – I will accept you.

Ch.43 – the arrival of God to dwell with His people. God’s intention to return and to dwell in perfect purity – cf Rev 21 – no temple – glory is attached to the temple.

Twice Ezekiel is told to report back – so they may be ashamed of their….

Let them consider future glory and be ashamed of now.
vv6-8 – spell out the sordid past. Ppl should see this and turn from it.