My favourite hymns

A brief, and to be updated list (and in no particular order):
* It is finished! The Messiah dies, ….. … although the tune sounds unusual on that site.
* A Debtor to Mercy Alone … likewise, not the usual tune I know (although a quick flick through other sites shows that this is the predominant tune, so it is obviously just me singing something different)
*When I Survey the Wondrous Cross – wrong tune! (I’m beginning to think that there is something wrong with me…)
*In Christ Alone – at last – a tune I recognise!


2 thoughts on “My favourite hymns

  1. Or you could have asked to borrow one of my hymn-books (a couple of which are fairly old – though none predate 1900, sadly).

  2. That might be a better solution…. Hyfrydol made an appearance this evening (we sang the Galilean king hymn… which we sang to Love Divine last Sunday morning… quite confusing).

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