John 19:31-42 – A Matter of Death and Life

Sermon notes from Sunday Evening 1 April 2007 (posted 11 April 2007)

A uniquely unique evil…..

Difficult to imagine anything more evil than the Holocaust. Children burned alive in the Holocaust
He who saw it has borne witness – his testimony is true, and he knows that he is telling the truth – that you also may believe
There is another uniquely unique event. Fundamental evil. Once seen, we are not surprised by other evil in the world. However, the event leaves us with hope, not despair
Jesus, God’s Son and King, has been killed and is now definitely dead
Don’t believe the lie that Jesus didn’t die.
– the evidence
– the testimony
why do we not believe? We believe Holocaust testimonies. Matt, Lk, John cc. 60 years after Jesus’ death, Mark earlier
Believe the ‘unbelievable’ truth that God’s Son was killed.

Yet through the death of his Son, God is bringing life
31, 42, These are preparations for the day of life – Sabbath
36 – A Passover death – Exodus 12:46
37 – A scandalous death – Zech 12:10
bringing hope out of despair. Passover death that the Scripture might be fulfilled
Maybe… blood = symbol of death, water = symbol of life – cf 1 John 5

So believe, with a wholehearted, open devotion to the King
38-42 – Joseph and Nicodemus – out from the shadows

secret disciple for fear of the Jews.
75lbs of spices = £2,200 at today’s priaces at
Buried like royalty – cf Herod’s burial 1st century AD.
Meditate on the trut.
Keep your commitment and allegiance to Jesus