Repeat after me…

I must never, ever go anywhere in The Boy Racer without MrSatNav. Not even to church (only 6 miles away). Even after last week’s little dither (turned the wrong way leaving the Rotherhithe tunnel, ended up in London Bridge…) I’d not learned my lesson.
So, when I got to the Blackwall Tunnel approach this evening (having marvelled slightly at the unusually clear traffic) and saw that it was closed off due to a collision, and then noted that the westbound traffic was queuing back well onto the A13, I might have been able to take a wiser route.
Getting to the Dartford Crossing was OK (although further than I anticipated) and only took about 20 minutes. However, from there onwards, it was only down hill. I needed to get to Jn 2 on the M25 (from which point it is about 15 mins drive to my house). However, the M25 seemed to jump from 1a to 3, so I got off at 3 and then found myself on the M20 (it did promise an A20 to Lewisham, but didn’t seem to have a slip road)…. ten minutes later I jump off at Junction 2 of the M20 with signs for Brands Hatch. I eventually found a layby (opposite a dark, slightly ominous country pub) and checked the map (PTL!) that I keep in the car… of course this means that i had to open the door, as the light doesn’t work otherwise (note to self – pack a torch in car, to reduce fear of random assault by passing ne’er-do-wells) then worked out how to turn round and get back (which seemed to be much quicker than getting lost in the first place).
Total miles – 53 (as opposed to 6)
Total time 1h10 (as opposed to 20).
My only comfort being that I still think it was quicker than queuing for 2 miles in stationary traffic for the Rotherhithe (which was also having problems…)