Pierced for our transgressions? …. part II

It would seem that my dismay was not premature.

I caught the last half of a discussion on the Today programme this morning (at about 7.30am) where someone was putting up a decent defence against what Jeffrey John is reported to be saying. I’m hoping to be able to find it on the Listen Again section of the BBC R4 website here.

Useful links: Pierced for our transgressions.

The authors have recently published a book.

Nice and chunky [and that’s just the list of endorsements], it could be used as a doorstop, but probably much better to read [mark, learn] and inwardly digest instead….


3 thoughts on “Pierced for our transgressions? …. part II

  1. But at least some of the Bishops are doing their job and contending for the faith (thanks be to God for the opportunity to write that sentence):See here as well as the original Telegraph article where Bishop Wright came out strongly on the side of the angels.I note also that Bishop Nazir Ali wrote one of the commendations for Pierced for Our Transgresions (looking forward to reading that over the weekend).

  2. Sounds like a plan – the review that is, not necessarily reading the book over the weekend: I do hope to spend some time talking with my grandparents as well!

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