The Oath of Canonical Obedience – Gerald Bray

I’ve just finished reading the above. It is a slim volume published by the Latimer Trust (Latimer Studies 58).
It seems to present the arguments (with which I am admittedly unfamiliar) quite clearly.
In the Introduction GB argues that the main issues currently debated are:
– the principle of obedience – does this apply to the relationship between a bishop and the clergy in his diocese?
– the concept of an oath – is an oath the best or most Scriptural way of achieving ‘canonical obedience’ (should such a thing be desirable)
– the relationship of a bishop to the rest of the clergy – is the epsicopate a distinct and ‘superior’ order in the church or is it inappropriate for describing different patterns of Christian ministry?
– the applicability of the current canons – can the canons be applied today in a coherent and sensible manner.

Following chapters therefore as follows:
* Obedience
* Oaths
* The rights and duties of a bishop
* The current applicability of the canons
* Concluding considerations