Whisky is dead ;-(

Apparently she went missing on Thursday and Catherine found her this morning in the muckpit. Not sure whether she died and was scraped up with the muck, or whether she got clipped by the tractor. Oh dear.
Pets now as follows:
Archie (son of Whisky – short for Archers – for non-family blog readers … Whisky was the daughter of Haig from Hawkins’ farm in the village over I think)
Mac (I think that we just got him in a BOGOF offer negotiated by H from a farm in Wales. Bailey got run over last year on the main road).
Connie (short for Cognac – daughter of Mac).
The above three are all collies.
Freddie the rabbit.
Various chickens.
Some feral cats which (great) Uncle A gave us – apparently no-one has seen these for a while, so they might be dead. Either that or living with the foxes in the barn in the Barn Paddock.