2 John

2 John notes

vv1-2 – who is the lady? (is it a church) – John loves her ‘in truth’, as do all who ‘know the truth’, because ‘of the truth’ which abides in John/those who know.. and will remain forever.
v3 – unusual greeting – rather than grace, mercy etc. to you – it says with us.
v4 – finding the children walking in the truth is a cause for rejoicing.
v4 – we (who is we? them then, or me now as well?) were commanded to ‘walk in the truth’
v5 – loving one another is not new … it is the commandment we have had from the beginning….
v6 – we should walk according to his commandments
v6 – we should walk in the commandment (to love one another v5b). Love is walking according to his commandments. Loving one another is the commandment. We should walk in this commandment.

v7 – deceivers do not confess the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh.
v8 – watch out – there is something to lose, and (much) to gain. (what can you lose?)
v9 – if you do not abide in the teaching of Christ, you do not have God (abide is quite a strong word – it feels stronger than ‘remain’ – closer to dwelling – hence abiding in your abode). If you abide in the teaching – you have both Father and son.
v10 – the lady should not receive into her house (n.b. if lady = church, house = church building? is this a jump too far?) those who do not bring this teaching. Even greeting them = taking part in his wicked works.

v12 – greetings — seeing each other in person is best. Paper and ink second best. A note for the age of the Internet.
v13 – the children of your elect sister greet you. (Does this lend support for lady = church? – otherwise, would suggest that John knows the sister of the lady to whom he is writing).

What is the truth?
– you can love in it (v1)
– it is something you can know (v1)
– it is something which is in people (v2)
– it is something permanent (v2)
– it is linked to God the Father and Jesus Christ – they can provide grace, mercy and peace – in truth and love (v3)
– you can walk in it (v4)
– love is walking according to his commandments (v6)
– you can also walk in the commandment to love one another (vv5-6)

It can be in you, and you can love and walk (be?) in it.