3 John

3 John notes

v1 to Gaius
v2 general greetings – all go well/good health/with your soul (i..e not just the soul)
v3 interesting phrase – testified to your truth / as indeed you are walking in the truth – ‘your truth’ being something separate from walking in the truth? is this saying that they are (in a sense) true/truth (not intending to equate with John 18:38 because that would be to equate them with Someone far greater)
vv3-4 – John rejoices greatly / has no greater joy. Appln: – sthg to give thanks for?

v5 Gaius is faithful in ‘his efforts for these brothers’ – they are strangers – going out for the sake of the name (interesting that ‘the name’, not ‘His name’/’name of Christ’ etc.).
v8 – therefore we ought to support people like these. Therefore (therefore look back to see cause for conclusion) – they are going out for the sake of the name, accepting nothing from the Gentiles. This enables us to be fellow workers for the truth.
v9 – John has also written to the church (is this 1 John/2 John?) – but Diotrephes does not acknowledge our (who is with John?, or is this John and Gaius?) authority (why is this important? does this mean that D. wouldn’t read out the letter?).
v10- D talks wicked nonsense, refuses to welcome the brothers (ppl in particular?), stops people who want to, and puts them out of the church!!
v11 – imitate good.
v12 – who is Demetrius? how can he receive a good testimony from everyone and from the truth itself (how can the truth testify?)

vv13-15 – closing greetings.

Truth is mentioned several times
v1 – John loves Gaius in truth
v3a – the brothers testify to ‘your’ truth (you singular)
v3b – he is walking in the truth
v4 – John is joyful when he hears that his children are walking in truth
v8 – to support people ‘like these’ is to be fellow workers for ‘the truth’
v12 – the truth gives Demetrius a good testimony