1 John – Chapter 1

1 John 1

v1 – experienced with 3 of the 5 senses (can you smell and taste that which they’ve seen?)
v2 – what was it? the life made manifest = the eternal life = was with the Father = was made manifest
v3 – can be proclaimed, proclaiming will lead to fellowship with them, their fellowship is already with the Father and his Son (is this because they have seen the life?)
v4 – joy would be complete (if you have fellowship with them?)

v5 – there is a message: God is light and not at all dark.
v6 – cannot have fellowship with him and walk in darkness.
v7 – walk in the light, have fellowship with one another, and Jesus’ blood cleanses us from all sin.

What is walking in darkness? Not ‘sinning’ per se – as this seems to be included within v7 – you can walk in the light and Jesus’ blood cleanses from all sin..

ah yes,
v8 – lying if you say you have no sin.
v9 – we confess our sins – He is faithful and forgives us and cleanses us (is confessing part of walking in the light – the result is the same).
v10 – we really shouldn’t say that we have not sinned….. that makes him a liar.