1 John – Chapter 2

1 John 2 notes
v1 – don’t sin, but if you do – we have an advocate (Jesus) with the Father
v2 – He is the propitiation for our sins and for those of the whole world.
(but, presumably we need to know him?)
v3 – we know that we have come to know him (examine yourself?) – if we keep his commandments (what are they?)
v4 – if you say “I know him” but do not keep his commandements – you’re lying,
v5 but if you keep his word (his word = his commandments?) – the love of God is perfected in you (what is the love of God? – if keeping his word = keeping his
commandments, the love of God should be linked to ‘coming to know him’ in v3)
vv5-6 – we may be sure that we are in him (cf v3 – may know that we know him) – if you say you abide in him, you should walk as he walked.

v7 – commandment isn’t new, but old, from the beginning – the word you have already heard (old as in OT? is this making the point that ‘the life made manifest’ is
the fulfilment of Scripture?)
v8 – but something is changing – the darkness is leaving, and the ‘true’ light (what is the false light?) already shining.
vv9-11 – brother-haters are in the darkness, blinded by the darkness and don’t know where they are going (they can’t see!)
Brother-lovers abide (contrast abide and is) in the light and have no cause for stumbling.

vv12-14 – writing to little children / fathers / young men

loving the world vs. the love of the Father being in him
desires of the flesh, eyes, pride in possessions vs. doing the will of God
world passing away vs. abiding forever

Antichrists were among us, but were not ‘of us’. They deny Father and Son. Whoever denies the Son, does not have the Father. Truth is that Jesus is the Christ

(as the liar denies this).
‘You’ have been anointed by the Holy One, have knowledge, know the truth. Let what you have heard from the beginning (when is the beginning?) abide in you – if

so, you will abide in the Son and the Father – eternal life.
v26 – The anointing – abides in you, you don’t need anyone to teach you (?? why then are there teachers – Eph 4?), his anointing teaches you about everything –
the anointing (itself?) is true and is no lie. Abide in him.

Abide in him – so that we may be confident when he appears and not shrinking/ashamed.
If you know that he is righteous (what does this mean?) – you may be sure that everyone who practices righteousness has been born of him.

Light, darkness
Commandment that you have heard from the beginning