Assorted advice: How to..

Info from various magazine clippings I’ve been hoarding:

How to

…gain an hour a day:
* Make food in bulk then freeze extra portions.
* Keep a list next to the fridge of things you need to shop for – to avoid forgetting things
* Plan your outfits for the week ahead on a Sunday night, to avoid time looking for clothes each morning.
* Sort your bills as they come in, to halve filing time.

…tell stories to children
* Stick to what works (fairy tales are always popular)
* Start right in the heart of the action (young children aren’t interested in lengthy descriptions, they want adventure. First lines should immediately introduce the characters and set the scene)
* Choose characters children can identify with (e.g. heros/heroines of similar age to the child)
* Add a little bit of magic (dragons, monsters, giants, wizards)
* Repeat key phrases (get them to tell the story with you)
* Make sure that the stroy has a satisfying ending (monsters should not be hanging around at bedtime)