Summer begins…

Very warm today – upper 20s I think.
Decided to get out and have a good walk, so popped to shops to return trousers bought in haste, to Post Office to post letter to Uganda, to top of Charltonian to examine the shops at the top of the village (had a look in Charlton House – apparently a library in there, but looked a bit intimidating so didn’t go in).

I then caught the bus to Blackheath (although it’s not actually that far and could walk it in future) and discovered Oxfam charity shop. It has a whole upper floor of secondhand books. I managed to buy only four:
Bertrand Russell – A History of Western Philosophy – I realise now that I already have a version on my shelf, but this one is old and cloth copy.
Augustine – City of God (boring penguin classics version)
ASB with Liturgical Psalter (which I remember from my youth)
Volume 5 of a biography of Hudson Taylor
All for £11! I then went into the antiquarian/second-hand bookshop which was lovely (books up to the ceiling)and just smelled of old book throughout. Sigh. Very happy bibliophile. After leisurely lunch @ PE, I retired to the heath to lounge about and read 4 chapters of ‘Practical Religon’ – I love Ryle – such a clear read (still struggling with the Noddy version of John Owen).