Sunday Morning: Galatians 2:11-21

Sermon notes
– Difficult area of NT interpretation as deals with teh question of how the OT and NT fit together – Law and Gospel
– if you leave church with a full notebook, but an unchanged life you have missed the point
– what must I do to be accepted?
– previously – you need to be a Jew, a son of Abraham. This was a the great wall between Jews and rest of the world. Wall = Law.
– Exodus, Lev and Deut – particularly set out how to live acceptably as God’s people.
– 20(?) years previous to this letter – the Temple curtain had been torn in two.

Truth of the gospel in essence vv11-16
– ignore the ESV break
– vv15-16 – the gospel explored (you are not justified by the works of the Law but through faith in Christ. Typical Paul sentence – Not/But/So/In order/Because. No-one can keep the Law except Jesus)
– vv11-14 – the issue being faced. Gospel + is actually gospel -. vv12-13 Antioch – hypocrisy.
– what are you relying on?
– faith in Jesus +? denominational rules, experience/Holy Spirit, performance of daily prayer and quiet time, commitment to evangelism, conformity to Christian social norms, portfolio of service. Many are perfectly good things – but when we seek to rely on them – we are in danger of subtly becoming a hypocrite.
– how does it affect us practically?
Truth of gospel in experience
vv17-21 – where Paul says ‘I’, this can be read as ‘one’
* I died to the Law v19
* I have been crucified with Christ
* I no longer live (it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me) v20
* The life that I now live I live by faith v20