Abortions ‘crisis’ threatens the NHS

I was initially cheered when I read this article on BBC News which notes that there has been a big rise in the number of ‘conscientious objectors’ among doctors in the NHS.
Then follows the usual round of quotes from usual contributors on the topic, before quotes become increasingly bizarre towards the end – namely

“We have always had conscientious objectors, but more doctors now are just wanting to something different and don’t see abortion care as attractive.”

Well, no. I can imagine that abortion care is not particularly attractive. (?!?)

“It is increasingly difficult to recruit doctors to abortion services.
“It is the case, that within five to seven years, a woman’s ability to get an abortion will be more shaped by the service’s ability to provide them rather than the state of the law.”

Surely this starts to lead doctors down the road of being compelled to provide abortions, rather than allowing it to be a matter of personal conscience? (I was about to refer to the Hippocratic Oath as I recalled vaguely that this spoke of doing no harm… only to wikipedia it and find that abortion is specifically mentioned as something which those swearing the oath may not perform … Feeble – sure you can pick this up on your blog please)

Anyway – blood pressure nicely rising – this was all capped by the helpful quote from the DH that:

“stable” number of abortions was being performed each year, and that the number of terminations performed before the 10th week of pregnancy had increased from 51% in 2002 to 64%.

Well. That’s OK then.