"You are a gorgeous chunk of loveliness"

Up later than anticipated, due to relatively late phonecall and then unnecessary pottering last night.
Managed to get down to the park by just after noon and found LL and friends.
Lovely afternoon lazing about in the sunshine, although I am a tiny bit sunkissed now. Saw RB, now in 2nd year @ Oak Hill, and EJ and NvdK and their adorable baby daughter.
Pictures here
Off to Wapping for Hellenists dinner this evening with Mr and Mrs Vicar, Mr and Mrs T and Mr and Mrs C. Vicar brought with him a very, very, old (late 17th c. although we thought that it might have been rebound at some point) biography of Baxter. Contained myself to smelling it for a couple of minutes and then squealing happily as I had a look through. Lots of ‘f’s in place of ‘s’ …. e.g. evangeliftic….. paftors…. etc.

Post title taken from the conversations around the table around whose wife was the most perfect. I think that it is to be taken along the lines of ‘pretty please with a cherry on top’ – i.e. my wife is perfect and is a gorgeous chunk of loveliness.