Ah, it’s good to be back!

I left work later than intended yesterday, but as I was already in Berkshire it only took me a further 90 mins to drive back to Glos.
Selected highlights of the evening:
* Going out for dinner at the local Chinese (surprisingly good!) with Dad, H, The Boy, Feeble and Fluff and trying to co-ordinate which dishes to order. Harder than Dim Sum, because everyone has an opinion. Oddly enough Dad had never had crispy duck before (and so must have formed his love of Chinese food from spring rolls – bizarre!)
* Being amused by the waitress when she checked back to ask if everything was OK (clearly not looking too closely at our plates, as there was hardly any food left at that point. I’d forgotten quite how quickly food disappears when put in front of my family)
* Being told that TractorBoy recently asked “Why am I here?” (didn’t have him down as a deep thinker!)
* Seeing that BonnyGirl has become very grown up. She’s six months old now and is (as I believe child-rearing experts refer to it) ‘exploring the world through touch’ (i.e. pulling my hair and sticking her fingers in my eyes)
* Being told that I will have sole charge of TB during the rugby this afternoon. Perhaps it wasn’t a good idea to persuade Dad to let him come…… Still, should be able to take a photo of the clan – I, Feeble, the Boy and TractorBoy all have proper Glaws rugby shirts now, and BonnyGirl could just sit in the middle.
Off to Ashton Gate at half twelve.