Phew. Busy day. Difficult to get out of bed (more tiring than I thought to have driven all the way back from Glos and go to church in the evening yesterday).
Into work bang on time, left bang on time, quick walk all the way to church, speed read the accounts, scribble on them intently (much to the amusement of the Treasurer and the venerable Doctor.
Wonderful to see quite how much the Lord has done at church over the last year, (and indeed over the last 10 years).
Back home. Lots of post (hurrah). Political leaflet from local Green Party. Pleased to see that there is a local Freecycle group, which will allow me to offload some of the junk which I have accumulated (along with http://www.swapshop.co.uk, Ebay, Amazon Marketplace etc.) – Dr. Kildare annual anyone? Well, actually, no as I’ve already given that to Granny C________ for the F______ Cricket Club jumble sale.