Bank Holiday Weekend

Quick summary:
Sleep. Potter. Tidy. Ebay. Freecycle. Ironing with Blackadder.
Sleep. Church. Lunch with K+PM in MSq – tuscan pot roast. Nice. To Church before Church. Galatians/John 14-15. Church. Hay fever? Eugh. Interesting conversations. Home. Food. Bed.
Sleep. Sainsburys – a month’s worth of shopping. Dad might be coming to Twickenham for the final with Nick. Potter. Procrastinate. Eliminate duplicates from address book. Leave blind outside for Freecycle lady. Quick bit of study. Drive to Greenwich. Spiderman 3 with Wild Bill, Mrs Wild Bill and Bump Wild Bill. Quite amusing, not least Spiderman’s teenage angst and homage to John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Tapas. Awful service – reasonable food and discount due to cinema membership. Home.
Weekend over – oh dear!