Chocolate Brownies…

I found the recipe for the brownies I used to make and foist on people when I was at college… posted here for easy reference….

I think that I reined back a little on the sugar as the recipe shows 300g which is slightly more than the usual 250g bag – otherwise you don’t need to weigh anything as the measurements equate to 1 block of chocolate, one block of butter, one bag of sugar etc….

125g chocolate (dark is best)
250g butter
300g caster/granulated sugar
40g flour (or thereabouts – plain, to thicken).

Very complicated recipe –
1. Melt chocolate and butter (bain-marie, or microwave will do, although I prefer the former).
2. Stir in sugar.
3. Sir in flour.
4. Cook @ 180C for c.20-25 mins.

It will be very gooey – more gooey than cake-like. However, delicious (but would avoid giving to children with a tendency to be hyperactive….or, sadly these days, me)