Granny’s Lemonade

Granny C_____ makes wonderful lemonade.
The recipe is below (I’ve yet to make it myself and am reliant upon receiving bottles whenever I go home).

5 large lemons
3 1/4 lb of sugar (makes about 2.5 ltrs)
3 pints of water
1 1/2 oz of citric acid

Boil sugar and water for 20 mins to make syrup. Slice lemons thinly, place in large bowl. Add citric acid to boiled syrup and pour immediately over sliced lemons.
Leave for 24 hours, squeeze by hand, strain and bottle.

If making half quantities, use 3 small lemons.

A large ice cream container, or tupperware, or small plastic bucket will do to soak lemons and syrup if you have not a bowl.
GC has spoken….