Here chicken chicken (or ‘Ooh!, get you, Delia!)

A little bit of experimentation in the kitchen paid off this evening.
When I went shopping at the weekend I bought a couple of poussin(s?) as they were on 2 for £3.50 in Sainsbugs (as my colleague is wont to refer to the grocers). My initial thought was that I might be able to put them in the slow cooker and therefore achieve roast dinner in between church meetings on Sundays.
Anyhow – I shall call what I cooked – ‘Honey glazed citrus roast poussin with spring vegetables’ and this is how I made it.
1. Stuff poussin with lemon cut into halves.
2. Drizzle lemon olive oil over poussin.
3. Drizzle honey over poussin and smear all over with a spoon.
4. Scatter mixed herbs over poussin.
5. Place poussin on vegetables (one red onion, one onion, one stalk of celery) which have been chopped up and placed in dish and drizzled with lemon olive oil.
6. Put in oven at about 200 degrees C for about an hour – turn halfway through and drizzle the underside with the olive oil and herbs.
7. Serve with green beans.
Lovely – when the poussin came out of the oven it was so moist it practically fell apart.
So nice to cook properly.